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Indian Bridal Wear

It is a known fact that India has numerous religions and customs. Although they have the same type of clothing, they have their own ways on how to wear it based on their religions and culture.

The following below is an example of some popular traditional Indian bridal wear of various cultures within India.


The Catholic Bride – According to tradition, Catholics wear the usual white gown that is being worn by brides all over the world. A veil is an important part of the clothing to slightly cover the face of the bride.

Muslim Bride – most of the time she will tend to always wear a red bridal robe. Silk is the common fabric that is generally used for this type of bridal outfit dress. The superb heavy embroideries of the Salwar Kameez is usually a gold colour. The head, shoulders, back and waistline of the bride is covered by an element of clothing called the ‘Ghungat’.

Punjabi Bride – Traditionally, she wears either the Lehenga or a sari. As usual, her dress is heavily embroidered and comes in either the colours; orange, red, or magenta.

The Maharashtrian Bride – In the Indian state of Maharashtra, they consider the colour green as a sign of prosperity, the bride usually wears a green sari that is embroidered with gold and silver fabrics. She also has to wear jewellery to match the dress.

The Bengali Bride – unlike any other brides in India the Bengali bride has to wear a particular head dress that is shaped like a crown and made from the bark of a tree. In addition to this, a veil on her head, jewellery, bangles and a sari will complete her attire.

Tamilian Bride – generally wears a red or maroon coloured sari. Traditionally, her hair is decorated with white flowers and fresh orange.

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