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Indian Wedding Outfits

An Indian wedding is as colorful as the Indian culture itself. It is a rich occasion filled with tradition, culture and religion. Part of an Indian wedding tradition is to wear, of course, traditional wedding garments. These outfits add up to the richness of the very traditional and cultural event.

An Indian bride usually wears a lavishly decorated Lehenga choli. This is a traditional Indian wedding outfit that is commonly worn by women from the western parts of India. It is comprised of a loose ankle length flared skirt called the lehenga and a blouse called the choli. A veil called the odhani also accompanies this outfit. In an Indian wedding, the lehenga choli is usually decorated with extrinsic embroideries from different traditions. Some brides however opt to wear a saree over a choli instead of a lehenga.

To accentuate the bride, she also wears traditional Indian jewellery that matches the Lehenga Choli. The gold is as equally elaborately made from traditional gems and stones and sometimes diamonds. The hands are also filled with henna tattoo or mehendi as it is known traditionally.

The groom on the other hand wears a suit that is called a sherwani. It is another version of the kameez with heavier embroidery and buttoned front. It is worn over a salwar or a kurta which are traditional bottom garments for men in India and Pakistan. Some grooms also wear a stole or a shawl.

The whole ritual of an Indian wedding is truly a spectacular event to watch because of the colours and the tradition. The Indian wedding, the outfits and everything in it is a reflection of how diverse and colourful the whole Indian/Pakistani wedding culture is.

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