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Pakistani Clothes

Pakistani clothes aren’t as different and varied as compared to the Indian style of fashion, but they have their own style and fashion sense that is influenced by their culture and religion. What you will usually notice about men and women within the Pakistani fashion industry is how dominant color is and that embroideries are very much common in their everyday clothes. We do see an impact of Western influence on modern outfits of today, but the usual garments that make up the Pakistani wear include the salwar kameez, the lehenga, cholis, pishwaz, and ghagra for the women and salwar kameez and pathan suits for the men.

As time goes by, we can see that the Pakistani people have not allowed Western influence to totally influence their sense of fashion, which is a sign of their preservation of heritage. With new and modern fashion designers making new kinds of styles and designs for Pakistani clothes, the development and innovation of the country can be seen and should be regarded with the utmost respect. In their clothing you can see how they act as a people, their attitudes with regards to society and reputation, which clearly explains why both men and women of Pakistan are very much inclined to covered clothes more.

Wedding outfits and everyday wear of Pakistanis are very much influenced by their culture, so you will not really find anything that exposes the flesh unless the store you visit caters to those who do not find this restriction all that important.

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