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White Bridal Shoes

When it comes time for your wedding, there are so many things that you have to plan. From the location of the ceremony and the reception to the caterers and entertainment, one of the most important aspects to every bride is the dress. While it is something that you will wear only once in your lifetime it is very important. After all, the image of you, in your beautiful dress, is one of the most iconic of the entire event. As important as the dress is, though, you can’t overlook the importance of the right pair of white bridal shoes.

Indeed, it is very important that you wear the right shoes to go with your dress. As an upwardly mobile woman, you probably already know that there are literally thousands of different styles to choose from when it comes to shoes. Each style has its own characteristics, as do each of the several designers who specialize in this field. From the height of the heel to the finish of the fabric, you have your work cut out for you when it comes time to decide which pair will be fated for your slow walk down the matrimonial aisle.

First of all, how tall would you prefer your pair of white bridal shoes to be? Some women would say that if you are shorter, you might want to opt for a higher heel. Of course, there are also those who attest that this could be a fateful mistake as it makes you more prone to tripping and falling, which would be terrible. At the same time, perhaps the higher heel will help you to walk slower during this time when all eyes are on you. Whatever style you choose, know that there are many different heel heights to consider.

You might also want to consider which kind of toe and back you want. “Open-toed” can mean so many things. Some shoes are open in the toe because the front strap is buckled while others are fabricated. Some front straps are thin while others are full. Some feature a single strap while others crisscross. Obviously, these designs could be endless, as could the designs for backs as well. Some backs are high, almost like a traditional high-heeled show or pump, while others feature no true back but rather straps, which are secured with buckles. Of course, there also combinations of the many styles too.

What many people like about white bridal shoes is that you can get them in a simple matte or satin finish. Basically, the difference between these finishes is the amount of gloss or sheen that you can see radiating from the shoe. Matte finishes are also very easy to dye, which means that you can also do something different with your shoes that perhaps your girlfriend who just got married didn’t do. These neutral tones are also good for dying for the sake of your many brides maids, who need shoes to match the color and style of the dresses you have chosen.



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